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God, Who Am I?

The Essential Answer To The Common Question


The reminder I never knew I needed. 

I'm grateful for this book and the opportunity to learn and love God all over again.

Shannon Bruce

Born Again Believer

These are the basics.

But the basics are so important.


 I never knew how important they really were until I was reminded. 

Tiffanie Spencer
Newly Redeemed

I now know how important I am to God.

I was so focused on who people said He was I never entertained who I was. 

Amani Harris

Sinner Turned Saved

From The Author


"It was a Tuesday morning when I made the decision; I was going to test the God of my grandmother."

This workbook emerged from the heart of a woman whose soul (mind, will, and emotions) was captured by sorrow.

A neat package of promises from God read in faith and written through tears was designed to help people shatter the lies of the enemy, discover all they are in Christ, and live in that birthright every single day. I wrote this book for me, but I published it for you.

"Lord, I know you desire all of your followers to be light-bearers. So thank you for trusting me with the torch of my testimony."  - Jessica Winston

Wheat Field


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