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Take A Look Inside
Read the first chapter of the book below:

"I found myself amid a mess; not knowing "who" I was kept me from knowing "what" it was I wanted, which in turn kept me in the dark about "how" I would get it! I felt like I was bursting at the seams, full of ideas, big elaborate, and incredible dreams but finding nothing substantial to situate them on or tether them to. There I was trying to form something without a foundation.

I was right where the devil wanted me to be; I was stuck at start. The enemy wants you at the place of stagnation, confusion, and agitation. Living your life but never fully living out the life the Lord had designed for you. And that's where I was.

I was so frustrated at not knowing how to lay the foundation I figured it would be easier just to lay my destiny aside.

I would somehow decide how to be content with just living a mediocre life I could create and control.

I quickly decided I couldn't do that, which led me to the question I couldn't help but ask, the question many try and avoid. Not because they don't want the riddle of their redundant attempts finally answered, but because they don't want to admit that they don't know the answer.

The question that holds it all…

God, who am I?


Without the answer, you shoot around aimlessly at life, tired, confused, and fogged. You become hopeless, wanting, willing, but not able. And you end up making a mess of things like that doctor we mentioned earlier trying to create a practice without the knowledge or credentials. Or like that painter in the first few pages with a great concept but no canvas. Or like me, in a hurry to finish something I didn't know how to start.


















On my search through scripture for the answer, because let's face it scripture always holds the answer, I realized A FEW THINGS. First, I realized people pay astronomical amounts of money to find out what they've already been fitted for, for someone or something to show them what they already have, for someone to illuminate their God-given inheritance.


Second, I found that there are mounds of people packing out conference rooms and selling out stadiums for a dose of direction.

I found many 1-800 numbers and magic potions that offered over-the-counter clarity. On my search, I saw many gurus, read many self-help books but found only one GOD."

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Book no.2
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